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What is the Tableau?

Tableau is a data reporting tool. Do you want to start data analyzation (or) You are responsible for others Data? With Tableau training course you can prepare, analyze and visualize data in a better manner. In this, we can learn data visualization boards, bar charts, pie charts, data blending etc.

Why is Tableau in demand?

Tableau is one of the good career options. There is a huge demand for tableau experts in the medium and large companies. Data visualization tools have been popular since 2016. With basic computer knowledge, anyone can learn this course. Tableau is easy to learn though anyone interested to start their career in Tableau. Not only the students even working professionals interested in taking tableau online training for a better career.

Nowadays so many business intelligence tools are available in the industry. But Tableau is effective and best out of all those tools. Tableau has many visualization techniques which help us to analyze statistical data and create dashboard reports in a better way. Tableau developed for end-users, so a user can change the data as per their requirement.

Who will take up this course?

  • Whoever wants to build their career in business analytics
  • Data scientists, business intelligence professionals
  • Testing professionals
  • Who are enthusiastic to learn
  • Any graduate/post graduate

What are the prerequisites for Tableau training?

There are no prerequisites for this course

 Course Objectives

  • The course proceeds with the aim to understand the key concepts about:
  • Build expertise in building charts and data visualizations
  • Formulate complex calculations to organize and manipulate data
  • Using statistical techniques to present data
  • Controlling the input and regulating the outputs parameter
  • To excel in shortcut methods that can improve your efficiency
  • To understand the Tableau server and to know how to share the results in a timely fashion
  • Learn using and to execute the Dashboards for data visualization
  • To know how to handle the Tableau interface for attaining regularized handling for various tasks

Why Sterling IT?

Sterling IT offers best tableau training in Hyderabad from past 6 years. We are having more than 10+yr exp expert trainers. We are providing a real-time and job oriented training program in Tableau. Sterling IT is the only one institute providing ETL tool and PREP concepts in a practical way. Providing flexible shifts for both classroom and online training. 100% Placement assistance. Mockup interviews, Resume preparation guides, Live project, Real-time scenarios with examples all these provided by our institute.




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