What is Data Science?

Data science is a multidisciplinary blend of data inference, algorithm development, and technology to solve analytically complex problems.

first of all Data science has become one of the most promising and in-demand career paths for various skilled professionals. Lots of raw information which streams in are stored in enterprise data warehouses. There is a lot to learn by mining it. We can build Advanced capabilities with it and can use this data in a creative way to generate business value.

while data Scientist does not provide a solution; they provide the most optimized solution out of the many available.

Gartner predicted in 2012 that Data Scientist & Business Analytics jobs will increase to the tunes of Millions by the end of 2015. This is very evident with the rise in job opportunities in various job portals. As a Data Scientist or an aspirant, you should not believe us. Go! research on your own and confirm the facts and figures.

Introduction to Data Science

Sterling IT offers 60 hours of classroom training on Business Analytics / Data Scientist / Data Analytics. We are one of the best training institutes in Hyderabad for Business Analytics. The training is given by the experts who are currently working in MNC’s.

The syllabus covered in this Data Scientist Certification program is on par with most of the Master of Science in Analytics (MS in Business Analytics / MS in Data Analytics).

Our Business Analytics certification training course is designed by the industry experts, which is especially for the professionals who are looking to make their career as a data scientist.

We offer a deep understanding programme. where assist our students in, resume preparation, case studies, Live projects, mock interviews etc.

What is Business Analytics / Data Analytics?

Business Analytics or Data Analytics is a high-in-demand profession which requires many data scientists who possess knowledge of analyzing data in all dimensions.

above all, Google Trends shows the upward trend with an exponential increase in the volume of searches likes never seen before. rather This is enough to back the statements made by Harvard Business Review and the business research giants.

finally, successful data professionals understand that they should have past traditional skills of analysing large amounts of data, data mining, and programming skills in an advanced and easy way. In order to organize intelligence for their organizations, therefore data scientists are those who master loads of data and possess a level of flexibility to maximize returns at each phase of the data science process


  • Learn to extract knowledge form loads of data by analysing
  • Collect structured or unstructured data from different source
  • Validating and clearing unwanted data to obtain precise information
  • Plan and apply algorithms to mine from big data
  • Predict data by analysing the available data
  • Understanding the data and solve problems
  • Visualizing the results by machine learning

Who should learn data science?

Professionals who can consider Business Analytics / Data Analytics as a next logical move to enhance in their careers include:

  • Professionals working on Business intelligence, reporting tools and working on Data warehouse technologies
    Statisticians, Economists, Mathematicians.
  • Software programmers ( write code to accomplish a prediction/forecasting model).
  • Business analysts (industry/sector/domain experience)
  • tech savvy
  • Freshers

Why Choose Sterling IT?

The demand for skilled data science practitioners in the industry is growing faster. Sterling IT training Institute trains you with the latest knowledge base and useful skills to tackle real-world data analysis challenges through the highly experienced trainer.

In our training, we use motivating case studies, ask specific questions, and learn by answering these through data analysis. Our mission is to educate the students and cultivate their capacity for life-long learning, to foster independent and original research, and to bring the benefits of discovery to the world.

also, there are many IT training institutes in Hyderabad, you cannot take a data science course from any random institute. For desired results, you need to enrol yourself with the best institute offering Data Science training. Our training institute offers Best Data Science Training Courses in Hyderabad. We train students by providing all the help, we teach from basic to advanced concepts, with a real-time project.